This caramelized popped rice sweet dish is very popular in northern and western India. It is also very easy to prepare.

So, let me directly start with the recipe. I know, you can’t wait anymore!


250 gm gud (jaggery)

250 gm puffed rice (mumra)


Take an aluminium pan and put it on a medium flame of the burner. Add one spoon water to it. Then add 250 gm jaggery and stir continuously. Keep the flame moderate and keep stirring.

How to check if the caramel is perfect?

The biggest question here is how long do you have to heat the jaggery? To find it out, take 5 spoons of water in a small bowl and pour a drop of caramel from the pan into this bowl, using a spoon. If this caramel forms a perfect drop, pick the drop and eat it. Is it crunchy and brittle? If so, your caramel is ready. If not, keep stirring. Again check after 30 seconds.

When your caramel is ready, put roasted puffed rice into this pan and mix well.

Empty the contents of the pan into a greased steel tray immediately and press the contents using a steel bowl to get a smooth surface.

Your Chikki is ready. 🙂

Mumre ki chikki
Mumre ki Chikki